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Reflecting on the Power of Yes

This profile was originally published on charlenecarr.com.

Krystal Hobbs, owner of Reflective Marketing, views having her own business as a way to rely on herself for employment, rather than relying on someone else. “I always wanted to be in control and make my own success,” says Krystal.

From an early age, Krystal’s parents set the example for her that if you have a vision for what you want your life to be, you work hard, and you take some smart risks, you can always get yourself out of any tough situation.

Her mother had her when she was high school, and Krystal grew up in public housing. “So that time,” says Krystal “was [her parents] getting ahead.” When she was about twelve or thirteen, her parents saved enough that they built their own house.

Krystal’s parents also influenced her entrepreneurial spirit in other ways. Her father owned a restaurant and is still an entrepreneur today as a realtor.

Her mother worked for a small bakery for most of Krystal’s childhood. Krystal would often visit her mom at work, then get to work herself.

“I would pick blueberries in the backyard and give it to the owner of the bakery who would put it on their pies,” says Krystal with a laugh, “and give me free ice cream in exchange.”

So, although Krystal started out working for others, it wasn’t a surprise that the path she took created a smooth transition for her to run her own small business.

During university, Krystal became interested in social media marketing and worked for a small tech company as a social media associate.

While there, she handled all of the company’s online marketing and social media accounts. She was in control of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and acted as a ghost writer for the company’s blog.

“I just kind of did my own thing” says Krystal. “I really liked that.”

Although her goal of going through a business program was to come out with a full time job, around the time Krystal was nearing graduation, she realized that wasn’t necessarily the job she wanted.

She did, however, feel confident she wanted to do something involved with marketing.

After participating in several marketing competitions, Krystal and a partner made it into the top ten for Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec, a nationwide advertising competition.

She went to Toronto, did her presentation, and through that scored an internship with General Motors in Oshawa, Ontario. At the end of the internship she was offered a job, but that, as well, wasn’t what she really wanted.

While working at General Motors, Krystal worked with five different ad agencies and discovered her real interest lay on the other side of the table.

Rather than be the client approving the creative marketing agencies were coming up with, she wanted to be one of the creators. “That just seemed super cool,” says Krystal.

Krystal headed back home to Newfoundland where she found a job with a small agency as the owner’s first employee. “He really mentored me into how to get started,” says Krystal, and when he decided to shut his company’s doors, Krystal saw the perfect opportunity to branch out on her own.

She was even able to keep three clients from the closing business.

“I was in a pretty fortunate situation,” says Krystal of being able to start Reflective Marketing with a few clients, “but the whole running a business thing I kind of figured out as I went along—the hard way.”

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Charlene Carr is a bestselling author of Women's and Contemporary Fiction, located in St. John's, Newfoundland. To learn more and receive an offer for her first two books free, visit: www.charlenecarr.com.

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