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8 Things to Do On Your Lunch Break

Having a break: not just a catchy chocolate bar slogan. Sometimes it is necessary to step away for a break in order to come back to your work refreshed and ready to roll. We've come up with a few great activities nearby our Harvey Road location that you can do over lunch. 

1. Swing by the Rooms

Enjoy lunch with sweeping panoramas of the city. If you're looking for a longer break, spend an hour (or four) exploring the exhibits. 

2. Take It On the Run

Step 1: Check the weather.
Step 2: Find a nice day.
Step 3: Preorder your LunchIn to be delivered to CG.
Step 4: Enjoy it on the grassy knoll by the Rooms!  

3. Nama-slay 

Less than a five-minute walk away is Nova Yoga where you can relax and refocus during a lunch time yoga session. Drop in classes start at $15, with discounts for students (and mats!) provided.

4. Say Cheese!  

One of our newest neighbours here on Harvey is Olio Pizza, a fantastic joint where you can create your own pizza.

Busy lunch? Preorder online for pickup. Extra hungry? Try All You Can Eat Pizza Monday! 

5. Nama-Stay at Your Desk

Let's face it: the most intentional of us don't always find the time to step away from our desks on our lunch breaks. But that doesn't mean you have to spend it huddled over your computer! Check out the practices offered by our member The Office Yogi to refresh from the comfort of your desk. 

6. Guac & Roll

Just a five-minute jaunt down the street you will find Soul Azteka, a family owned authentic Mexican eatery and home to $2 Taco Tuesday! Try the diablo salsa -- if you dare. 

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