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What's Happening at Common Ground

The Exam Pass


The Common Ground exam pass will return on November 16 for the winter exam period! You can choose any three week period between November and December 16. The pass is just $75 (less than buying a latte a day!) 

The Exam Pass Includes: 

  • 24/7 Access to a quiet, distraction free workspace 
  • Unlimited coffee
  • The security of knowing that your belongings are safe & sound if you decide to take a break. 
  • The opportunity to network with members of St. John's entrepreneurship & innovation community. 
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The Exam Pass May Be For You If: 

Your term projects always have typos from your cat. 

You're most productive at 2 am but your usual study space kicks you out at eleven. 

You spend so much time at the coffee shop that the baristas actually spell your name correctly. 

Your room mate constantly blares The Best of Nickelback so loud that you can hear it through your headphones. 


Attention Parents

Give your child the gift of good grades & a less stressful exam period this holiday season. You'll sleep a little easier knowing that you won't get the dreaded "someone stole my laptop" text. There's even a phone booth for them to call you and let you know how much they love you! 

Interested in getting started? Have questions? Email us at Hello@WorkAtCommonGround.com 

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