Parking at Common Ground

So you want to park at Common Ground?

There are a bunch of parking options around Common Ground. The map (below) outlines our member’s favorite FREE and PAID options. The only FREE parking options within walking distance (within 5 to 15 minutes) of Common Ground are:

  • Sobey's Parking Lot (Available to Sobey's clients)
  • Bonaventure Ave
  • Garrison Hill

In addition to the above free parking options, Harvey Rd has lots of metered parking available right in front of Common Ground. These spots are ideal if you’ve got a guest coming in for a visit to the space.

At Common Ground everyday and and need a great parking spot?

We’ve got a solution for you! For $75/mo Common Ground can provide Priority Parking Pass allowing you to park either right beside Common Ground, or in the parking lot right in front of the Kirk. Additionally, because you’ve bought a Priority Parking Pass, you’ll have access to 2 visitor parking spots right next to Common Ground for the guests you invite to the space. Pretty convenient … Right?!?!

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.41.26 PM.png

Make sure you’re showing off your Pass

We ask that you always display your parking pass so that we can ensure that Priority Paid Parking is always available to those members who pay,.

Passes are easily hung from your rearview mirror and can easily be transferred between vehicles owned by the member paying for parking.

Need a pass? Just ask one of the Common Ground Team members.

Priority Parking … Right next to Common Ground

For those who are arriving early and planning to stay for the day, Common Ground has 2 Priority Paid Parking Spots right next to the building. If you're visiting a member with a parking pass, there are 2 visitor parking spots available on a first come first serve basis.

Common Ground Parking Lot - Click to Expand

Priority Paid Parking applies to only the two spots right next to the Common Ground building. Parking is available on a first come first serve basis and if you park here, you’ll have to be available to move your car if another Priority Parker needs to move throughout the day. Please make sure that you’re Parking Pass is visible!

Visitor Parking is only available to Guests of members paying for Priority Parking. These spots are available for a maximum for 2 hours on a first come-first serve basis and you must sign your guest in on the parking board.

The spot furthest from the Common Ground building is reserved from Propel ICT staff.

Always a great spot available … at the Kirk

If you’ve got a Priority Paid Parking Pass and there isn’t a spot available right next to Common Ground, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. There are approximately 12 Priority Parking spots available in The Kirk parking lot and only a couple of things you have to remember:

Kirk Parking Lot - Click to Enlarge

  • Make sure you’re parking pass is visible
  • Make sure you back into your spot
  • Make sure you park as close to your neighbour as is possible safely.
  • Get the Security Code for the Stairs before you park!

The Odd Interruption

In the rare event that there is a funeral taking place at The Kirk, you will not be able to park in the Long’s Hill parking lot. If you are parked there prior to the funeral, you will be asked to relocate. We will give members as much notice as possible so that they can make alternate parking arrangements during these events.